LEATHER one of the oldest wearable material known to man, dating as back as 2200 BC.

What is leather? A simple definition would be ‘an animal skin made smooth and flexible by removing the hair and then tanning. In general, there are four types of leather: 1) Top Grain, 2) Full Grain, 3) Split Leather, and 4) Bonded Leather. But let’s just skip these details for now. 


There is a huge range of leather products that are available in the market. Here are few common products that people use in everyday life: shoes, belts, bags, wallets, jackets, watch bands, camera and guitar straps, gloves and much more. The reason for so many products being sold and bought in the market are because leather products are; 

  1. Durable: High quality leather wallets last longer compared to other materials. Leather goes through a process of tanning and treatment to ensure maximum strength and durability.  
  1. Leather is elegant: Whether in its natural or dyed state, it will always add quality to your style. Everything in leather is a plus. If you have an official meeting, accessorize your look with leather briefcases. 
  1. Leather is natural: Keep off the effects of synthetic fiber by utilizing the fabulous fabric for your daily looks. The natural look is stylish and never goes out of fashion. 
  1. Leather is timeless: The material portrays strength and confidence in you. It never fails the test of time. Try out leather briefcases for your corporate events for a simple and yet classy look. 
  1. Resistance: This sturdy fabric resists harsh weather conditions. Genuine leather does not peel off or crack, and this feature increases durability. It is resistant to abrasion, compared to other materials it’s unlikely to find dust mites or fungus in leather luggage. 
  1. Maintenance: Leather is easy to maintain and clean. The light surface coat ensures the material doesn’t strain. In comparison to other materials such as cotton and linen, leather requires little attention. 


Founded in 2019, Aarakh is a Pakistan based manufacturer of premium men’s footwear and accessories. Over the years, Aarakh has designed a wide range of genuine leather products. From an array of leather handbags to a brief case that makes a statement on its own, there is a leather accessory for connoisseurs of fine leather.  

AARAKH’S mission has always been to never compromise on the premium quality of their products and to garner the precious trust of their customers. Our vision is to be recognized, trusted and appreciated worldwide for our expert craftsmanship and to create a vast community of happy and satisfied customers. Our products use only premium leathers acquired from all over Pakistan and we take pride in our design and the quality materials used in our products. Aarakh is not just a brand, it is an identity and a community which cherishes its consumers. 

Leather Products by AARAKH 

  1. Leather Bags 

Made from premium leather and comes in three different colors, Chocolate Brown, Dark Rust, and Jet Black.  

  1. Leather Shoes 

Why should we compromise on the quality of our shoes? Comes in 13 different styles for you to choose from. 

  1. Leather Belts 

Our belts too come in 13 different styles and unique colors to give you that extra dashing appearance. 

  1. Leather Wallets 

A man’s wallet should be a source of pride and what better way than to have a wallet made from premium quality leather. 

Visit www.aarakh.com and have a look at your luxury needs. 

The extra 

  • Let us give you a quick understanding of all 4 types; 
  • 1) Full Grain: It is characterized by its luxurious, smooth surface and it has few, if any flaws. It is the most popular type of leather. It has not been snuffed, sanded, or buffed to remove any natural marks or imperfections from its surface. It is mostly used in making high quality footwear and furniture. 
  • 2) Top Grain: it has the second-highest quality of the high-end category of leather products. It is more flexible and thinner as its layer is separated away. Its surface is sanded, and a finished coat is added to make it less breathable with a plastic feel and this makes it seem cooler. Many people prefer buying this type of leather as it is durable and readily available. 
  • 3) Corrected Grain Leather: It is a special type of leather, which is corrected and fixed by experienced leather workers to better its functionality and aesthetic qualities. 
  • 4) Bonded Leather: The name is given because it incorporates scraps of leather remnants, which comprise between 10-20% of its content. The scraps of leather are made into a pulp and stuck to a fiber or paper backer which is then coated with polyurethane and embossed to give it the appearance of genuine leather. 

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